Okay so I have just completed my end-of-year prac exams for my second year of studies in the discipline of fine arts (visual arts), and I am definitely feeling a little flat, faded and down. I guess after a hectic year of creating and producing on extremely tight deadlines to suddenly nothing! is quite unsettling to say the least. There is an instance of euphoria then exhaustion then finally “weepiness”. I am guessing I am not alone in this and that all artists feel this after a period of intense creativity. Plus I am lacking that closure that receiving my “report card” will provide, roll on end of December when the varsity send us our marks: merry Christmas!!! So to combat this dreariness of my soul I have already started conceptualizing next years projects: I plan to continue with feminist artists. I have also started on my piece for the KZNSA Gallery exhibition piece in January.

Continuing with this train of thought, its my birthday today, and boy do I feel all “Kristen (or is it Kirsten) Stewarty” (I was going to say like in the “Twilight” series but she’s kinda like that in all her movies)! Now its not my age that bugs me, age is not a chronological thing but a state of mind. Its just that thought that one should be making more of a difference in this world and I really do want to!!! This world is a scary place thanks to 7 billion monsters; us!! So I guess what I’m saying is that if I’m all emo and “Twilighty” its ‘cos I worry about this world and the children and animals in it not because I’m wondering whether I should bonk the vampire or the werewolf or both.

Man is not a wolf but AWHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!