Archetypes are definite motifs that turn up everywhere in the myths and fairy tales of world literature; they impress, influence and fascinate us. C.G. Jung also describes the archetype as “unconscious, pre-existent form that seems to be part of the inherited structure of the psyche” (Jung, C.G pg. 412).

In this exhibition Anima-Animus, the artists, Bernice Stott and swany reimagine the Jungian feminine and masculine archetypes. There is always a need to raise a submerged archetype to understand the collective unconscious; human history has shared in myth making down through the ages. For Jung the ‘anima’ was the personification of the feminine nature of a man’s unconscious and the ‘animus’ the personification of the masculine nature of a woman.

Inspired by the art of Dorothy Iannone they explore gender and soul and give form to archaic ideas derived from collective “fantasies, dreams, deliria and delusions” (Jung, C.G pg. 412).


Jung C.G. 1995 Memories, Dreams, Reflections. Fontana. London.