In the exhibition, I, having recently completed a visual arts degree, presented a record of my four year journey as student artist. Through the presentation of my creative academic record, I provided a visual mapping of a journey undertaken as well a study of the creative process itself.

The exhibition consisted of my work as a student and therefore, by its nature, was very raw and experimental. It was a visual narrative, depicting my journey as an art student at UNISA. The exhibition therefore had a retrospective feel to it because it encompassed a past body of work (2010 to 2013).  The exhibition marked my transition from art student to art professional and provided me with both closure as well as an opportunity to celebrate my graduation. It also afforded the viewer the opportunity to view the creative process in its entirety which does not often occur. In addition, however, because of its academic grounding there were various narratives and dialogues on display as well as references to the art history discourse.