Hey dear readers!!

Serious apologies for being MIA (missing in action) for so long but I have been hectically busy, occupied with both work at the factory and my art studies as well as the normal personal stuff that life throws at one! I have not had a moment to step back, contemplate and reflect and to update here at SWANYART. So a quick debriefing is in order!!

1) My mother who suffers from emphysema as a result of years of smoking (STOP SMOKING, DUMBASSES!!) has been really ill and in and out of hospital. They have finally diagnosed her as also having contracted TB of all things! I hate that she is suffering so, it is just not right!

2) We have been working virtually seven days a week for the past four months in the factory I work at which is good as well as sucking simultaneously! Good that we have the orders, bad that we have no personal life!

3) I organized a fundraiser at The Barnyard Theatre for the animal shelter that I volunteer at, Hillside Haven. It was a great success and a lot of fun but a huuuge amount of work and stress. Worth it though and a welcome distraction from everything else I have been occupied with.

3) I have had one assignment due after another: I am writing what is basically a trial thesis paper which requires a ton of research. Then I have been writing a research paper for my exhibition work as well. Plus I have had other assignments due for a semester module I am doing! As I said: hectic!

4) In addition to all of this I have been busy creating; working on my exhibition pieces and preparing for my practical assessments which were last week (I will update you on that in my next post, promise).

So yeah, as you can see I have been seriously occupied so I hope you will forgive me and bear with me.

OH! and some really exciting news though: my site was selected to be featured in a local, upmarket glossy, lifestyle magazine: The Ballito. So that’s kind of cool. (see below).

Chat soon