I wrote this poem to a woman I fell for about 6 months after returning from Los Angeles. Like me she had just been through a similarly traumatic relationship. Unfortunately it didn’t develop past an enjoyment of each other’s company: me, being my normal emotional “too much” and she, fearful and too damaged to move on. So it ended but what remains is this poem and I’m pretty proud of it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did reading it again.


If I Promised


If I promised

Not to love you,

Could we be together forever?


Could we look

Up at the stars,

And not say how we felt?


If I promised

Not to need you,

Could we hold each other?


Could we touch

Like dew on flowers,

And not feel anything more?


If I promised

Not to want you,

Could we kiss just once?


Could we embrace

As stars and moonlight,

And breathless not lose ourselves?


If I promised

Not to love you,

Could you promise not to love back?


SWANY (2013) Copyright.

if i promised