I recently conducted an artist walkabout for my Souty works which were part of the G1K1 exhibition. While in the artSPACE durban Gallery I took the opportunity to meet with, and to speak to some of my students regarding their exam work which will be installed in the same space.  Whilst sitting speaking to them I had this seriously out-of-body experience where, like a wave, the realization hit me that I was:

  • one, in a gallery which was exhibiting my work
  • two, about to conduct a lecture on this same work
  • three, mentoring students, my students, in the same gallery
  • four, giving the opening speech at my students’ exhibition
  • and five, enrolled to begin my masters

You know when you’re dreaming but you’re aware that you are? That’s what it totally felt like, and I’m like, NO, please don’t wake me!

I want to keep on dreaming!