I am one of the participating artists in a group exhibition opening on 7th November in the White River area (I think that is Nelspruit). A fellow artist and academic, Maria van Riebeek Pienaar, shared the love and made me aware of it…and so, low and behold, I now have a work being exhibited in my 7th exhibition of this year.

Here is the brief the participating artists received:

Throughout history and across cultures people have shown a fascination with faces, and in turn, with portrait representation. The depiction of an individual likeness is not only about identification, but also a record of an interaction between an artist and a sitter, both of whom contribute to the portrait’s form and content. Great portraiture is the expression of character and moral quality.

A well-executed portrait is expected to show the inner essence of the subject, from the artist’s point of view, not just a literal likeness.

Far from being mirror reflections, portraits are complex constructions of identity that serve a range of functions from expressing power and declaring status to making larger statements about society at a given point in history.

The nature of portraiture has changed with time.

Today we find ourselves immersed in the world of “Selfies”. The contemporary portrait is the “selfie.”  It is instant, mobile and plentiful. It always includes the artist in the portrayal. Yet it remains a valid expression of the time in which we live.

 “Selfies “are a product of the millennial age.

Millennials are self-aware, selective and smart. They like to be seen for what they are. They can be quirky and have self-deprecating wit. They are characterised by being

Self Aware






For this exhibition we would encourage your interpretation of the essence of this age of Selfies. Your, the artist’s inclusion in the portrait as a ‘selfie’ is left open to individual interpretation.

Maria sent me some pictures of my work installed and I got a wall all to myself! How awesome is that?!!. Damn I wish I could be there for the opening but it is too far to travel and I have my mom in hospital and work unfortunately. Never mind, at least my art is out there speaking for me.















I have one more exhibition (my 8th of the year) coming up called First Glimpse but unfortunately I don’t have much information on it. As soon as I do I will let you know about it, dear reader.