No news is good news but any press is good press, or so it is said. I have been very fortunate in the past couple of months to have been featured, in my role as artist, in a number of articles. These have appeared in a local periodical and a couple of regional newspapers. It’s all about getting your work and your name out there these days and exhibiting, of course. That is if you want to make a living out of it and I do, I desperately do!!!! It’s wonderful to be able to create and to luxuriate in the process of creation, to revel in the adoration of the viewer, but you have to pay the bills. The Church no longer provides a livelihood for the artist ala Renaissance period, and wealthy benefactors are an extremely rare thing, especially here in Africa. So the artist needs to promote himself/herself; as an artist you are your own brand.


Above: The Ballito Magazine

Below: The Sunday Tribune (01/09/2013)



Below: The Daily News (05/09/2013)


The newspaper articles were as a result of two of my pieces which were part of an exhibition of artists’ books at The Collective Gallery in Durban.




While all this has all been going on I have still been busily…frantically working on my exhibition pieces for my end-of-year exhibition at the artSPACE Gallery.


Above: one of my pieces for my upcoming exhibition

Plus I have also been writing my thesis research article which will hopefully get me my approval to write my masters next year. Exhausting as this all is, I am filled with an excitement that was very nearly extinguished last year. But if as an artist you are not all tortured and angst-ridden then you are not doing it correctly, or that’s what I tell myself anyway! I cannot wait to start really getting my work out there next year once I have graduated! I already have two exhibitions planned for next year; one in May and one in October. So stay tuned, dear reader, exciting times are up ahead, at the very least I am sure to keep you entertained with my soap opera life!