My new exhibition opened last night. It is a group exhibition which myself and another artist, Karen Pretorius, conceptualized and curated. My installation is titled:

Souty (pronounced “so-tee”)

swany: “Soutpiel” or ‘souty” was a derogatory term given to English-speaking conscripts. It is derived from the metaphorical image of English speakers having one foot in Africa and one foot in Europe with their penises hanging in the ocean. The artist has spent  14 months (the length of time he spent on the Border in the South West Territorial Armed Forces as an Intelligence non-commissioned officer) collecting army boots, deconstructing them and re-assembling them to form canvases upon which he has etched trace images of dislocation, trauma and melancholy. These canvases are displayed along with sculpted and archived objects.

Here are some images from the exhibition:


Above: artSPACE main gallery


Above: wall-mounted leather canvases
















Above: Souty installation

Below: Letters 1982-1984


Below: Souls (2014)

















Below: Springbok Radio (2014)


Below: 79431185BG (2014)