Last Friday I attended a prize giving at local exhibition where I had taken part in a group exhibition/art competition. There were approximately 100 entries and a lot of renown artists of the city and surrounds had submitted pieces. Needless to say I had no expectations of placing anywhere although I did like my piece. So when they called out my name one of my companions had to nudge me as I was in actual, stunned disbelief! And isn’t that just the best? When you are totally not expecting something good and it happens: my piece, A Guide To My Childhood Saints, was selected by the jury as second prize winner! So Stoked!


Above: A Guide To My Childhood Saints (2014) – swany 

This was the blurb we all received from the gallery:

The show will open at artSPACE durban on Monday 7th July; it is up for 1 week, so artists need to look carefully, and cast their vote by Thursday 10th July.  The draw and award event is on Friday 11th July. All artists must be present to make their draw and collect their new work; and the prizewinners must be present to receive their awards. No artist, no award!  But remember: each participant will win/receive another artist’s work (could be the winner, a known or unknown artist)!

At artSPACE durban we (the participating artists, that is) will thus vote in the artSPACE durban Artists’ Choice of 2014. Well done to the 2013 1st prizewinner voted by the participants, Annette Hadley. We love the fun everyone has (especially first time exhibitors), and the discernment of the artists in voting, and we really love the dissemination of the art – that every single piece goes home with someone. So cut loose! Let rip! Have fun!

Participating in the exhibition:

1)     gives you the right to vote for the artwork of choice

2)     guaranteed to receive an original artwork in exchange for yours        

3)     chance to receive one of the cash prizes or vouchers

There will be a cash bar and car guards at the opening. 

artSPACE durban Artists’ Choice Award of 2014 prizes: 

Total cash prizes R10,000 + vouchers  

Jury and artist’s awards

The theme is ‘window(s)’.  Let’s try and outdo ourselves after last year’s groundbreaking show and vote for the artSPACE durban Artists’ Choice Award of 2014.

 Entry fee: R200 inclusive canvas 43 x 43cm

 Dates: Please deliver entries to the gallery by 3 July. 

 Exhibition: Monday, 7 July – Friday, 11 July 2014



 Below: A Guide To My Childhood Saints (2014) – detail