Over the last couple of days I have found that my heart has been aching. It's as if I were grieving. And the truth is I have been, and today I have been particularly miserable. There is no mystery to the source of my pain however. Six years ago to the day, on the prophesized [...]

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The Meaty Subject Of Flesh

Right, so I know have mentioned that I am a vegetarian and that I have been one for basically my entire adult life. I have to admit it was never a huge sacrifice for me. The truth is that I never was fond of meat. Even as a child I really felt ill at ease about [...]

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So it’s 31 October today, Halloween, the celebration of the icky thump! The immense popularity of this American holiday as it increasingly becomes a worldwide phenomenon begs the question: why are we so fascinated by horror, by the macabre...by the icky? Is it because as a species we are aware of our own eventual demise and [...]

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Meat Is Murder

OK, so fasting while writing exams is a really dumb-ass idea! Try waking at 3am so you can squeeze in 30 minutes of studying before rushing off to work. Then working until midday and rushing off to Durban to write the exam at 14.30. This all surviving on only a mug of tomato soup, a [...]

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