Sadly Chris Cornell (1964–2017), musician, singer, and songwriter, and member of Soundgarden and Audioslave died on 17 May. It was by his own hand: suicide by hanging.  The Grammy-winning rocker had performed that Wednesday night at the Fox Theatre in Detroit. Perhaps indicative of his state of mind, he ended his performance with a cover [...]

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I run a lot and I have done for virtually my entire life. Truthfully I’ve never been quite sure whether it is toward something or away from something. Perhaps it’s both, but regardless, I run a lot. When I was at school it was for sport; athletics and rugby. In the Army I ran because [...]

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Today I committed suicide. It was a digital one, but a suicide nevertheless. I deleted myself; closed my Facebook account and took back my person, my spirit, my soul that was pinned to that social media wall. This has been coming for a while, from back with my LA heartbreak, so the new heartbreak I [...]

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                                         Suicide                                    Today I committed                                   Suicide,                                   I’m no great loss.                                     I left no                                   Body,                                   No corpse to rot.                                     Veins, blue veins                                    Opened,                                   No bloody [...]

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