swany: Revisited

My final year students are in the process of conceptualizing in order to create a body of work for an exhibition at the end of the year. One of them is dealing with social media and this resulted in me reflecting on my own troubled, ambivalent history with this post-modern form of interaction. I thought [...]

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It’s been a year since I lost my mother and 4 since I lost my little furry buddy, Champers, and to be honest, the loss still weighs heavy upon me. Time, they say, heals all but heal is probably not the right word. I think it is more that one learns to deal with the [...]

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Five of Six

Oh, man! Yikes, one week to go until my performance piece at the artSPACE durban Gallery! My installation is completed and I have delivered it to the gallery where it will be installed on the afternoon of 29th October, just prior to my performance. I am so AMPED! You know when you are at a [...]

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Performance Art 101

swany - untitled performance January 2016 Today I feel all of my days, each and every one: each and every second, minute, day, week, month, year…hell, every milli-second of my existence. My meat aches, my bones creak, my muscles are stiff and sore, I move like something very brittle and fragile, like ice [...]

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50 Shades of Grey And Then Some

So I have seriously grey hair. Hell it’s so grey it’s silver! I started going grey in my teens and never stopped. I was often called “Hi Ho, Silver” or “the Lone Stranger” by my rugby team mates. I began going grey in my teens, and then exponentially in my 20's when I went completely vegetarian. [...]

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Portraits and Selfies Exhibition

I am one of the participating artists in a group exhibition opening on 7th November in the White River area (I think that is Nelspruit). A fellow artist and academic, Maria van Riebeek Pienaar, shared the love and made me aware of it...and so, low and behold, I now have a work being exhibited in my [...]

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