It’s just over a week since I dismantled my performance installation in Pretoria , and 4 weeks on from the actual performance of the work informed by my Master’s dissertation. Both were immense tasks of endurance, physically and mentally. The rising of the frosty new stubble on my head marks the passing of this time, [...]

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Swansong – (noun) the last act or manifestation of someone or something.

Death seems to be about quite a bit at the moment: my mom passed on at the end of last year and 2016 had hardly begun when the great David Bowie,   Alan Rickman (he of Slytherin House and Nakatomi Plaza fame)   as well as The Eagles’ founding member, Glenn Frey, popped off. The [...]

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The Artist and the Academic and Everything In-between

I went to a showing of Vincent van Gogh’s work on Saturday as part of the Exhibition on Screen series. As I have mentioned in a previous post, to see these great artworks displayed on an immense movie screen is quite sensational and something I certainly recommend! The showing was quite biopic in nature, highlighting [...]

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The Standards

If you picked up my ipod and looked at my playlist you might be convinced that I am a serious headbanger with a predilection for indi-rock and Goth bands, all dark and raging, emo and angsty. And yes I do like those genres of music but I have a wide range of tastes much like I [...]

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About Last Night

shedding It is the morning after, and while the event is still fresh in my mind I am writing about the last night’s entire experience. What experience you may ask? Well, if you have been following my posts, you will know that I am in my third year of an art degree, and [...]

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