It’s been a year since I lost my mother and 4 since I lost my little furry buddy, Champers, and to be honest, the loss still weighs heavy upon me. Time, they say, heals all but heal is probably not the right word. I think it is more that one learns to deal with the [...]

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Just recently one of my posts revolved around the Smith’s and their music, so it is sadly ironic that I find one of their songs stuck in my head, playing on an endless loop. It has been there since Monday (19th October) when I went to visit my mother in icu. It won’t surprise you then [...]

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RIP: Denley Truebody

On Friday (13th of all days) a dear friend of mine passed away. As everything seems to be done these days, I received the news via electronic media: blackberry messaging, cell text and Facebook. To some extent this allows us to keep life: actual, real, messy, unpleasant LIFE at a manageable, containable, constrainable distance! But at what [...]

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