I run a lot and I have done for virtually my entire life. Truthfully I’ve never been quite sure whether it is toward something or away from something. Perhaps it’s both, but regardless, I run a lot. When I was at school it was for sport; athletics and rugby. In the Army I ran because [...]

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My new exhibition opened last night. It is a group exhibition which myself and another artist, Karen Pretorius, conceptualized and curated. My installation is titled: Souty (pronounced “so-tee”) swany: “Soutpiel” or ‘souty” was a derogatory term given to English-speaking conscripts. It is derived from the metaphorical image of English speakers having one foot in Africa [...]

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As I mentioned in a previous post (Stressss) I am preparing for an upcoming group exhibition called G1K1. I thought I would give you a preview of one of my works called Pronutro. It is an image of the pro patria medal I received whilst serving in the South African Defence Force. The requirements to qualify for it [...]

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So stress, what is it? Basically, as I understand it, it is the anxiety that arises within as a result of an unresolved problem or problems. This anxiety will not disappear until that problem has been resolved, removed or disappears. In other words, it ceases to be, by any means necessary. I grew up in [...]

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The Story So Far

"Learn a little about the man and I guarantee you will look at his art differently,” I said that, and I genuinely believe that this applies to any artist, woman or man. I hope that as you have read my posts you have gained some insight into what will inspire, originate, colour, shape and drive [...]

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Once A Soldier Always

To carry a weapon with the intent to kill is something one never forgets, the weapon doesn't forget and neither do you. The thing is you, in fact, become the weapon: you are forged within the furnace of your Country's political and military aspirations and doctrines and then waved and brandished and pointed with, and [...]

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