The Presence Of An Artist

As my Anima-Animus exhibition draws to a close I am preparing frantically for my next one (I told you this year was a hectic one!). It will be a small solo (8 works) called: Prick! Subverting the Stitch. It will be a mixture of old and new works all involving embroidery and stitching. And as [...]

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Nine Days

So if you have been keeping up you will be aware that last week I had the opening of my new (joint) exhibition: Anima/Animus. What you will not be aware of is all the other hecticness I have had going on simultaneously. It has been nine days of extreme! Now I don’t want to say [...]

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My Next Exhibition: Anima-Animus

So a wintery wind came rattling through last night, bringing with it a restless sleep filled with troubled dreams. I did not sleep well with the wind huffing and puffing outside the walls of my apartment and tugging at the windows. Or perhaps its just that I am nervous and stressed about my upcoming exhibition, my [...]

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