Six of Six

40RTY, my performance art piece happened on 29th October at 7.00 pm, and, as is common after these things, I have been laid to waste! It is Tuesday now, and almost 3 days have passed, yet I still feel all tired, achy and blue; like I have flu and a hangover simultaneously. Now I know [...]

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Living Art

So in my previous post I shared some of the artwork I created for a fundraising auction for the rape victims support group called GRIP. Dealing with such a horrific theme set me thinking about this whole culture of rape and how it is possible for a person to do such a thing. It is just [...]

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  I have two exhibitions opening this week (my 4th and fifth of the year!!!): 1) Prick! Subverting the Stitch at the artSPACE durban Gallery from 29 June - 18 July 2015. This is a small solo consisting of 8 works. Below: A Bunny's Tale (2015) swany           The press release [...]

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The Artist’s Response

Art is an amazing discipline which not only changes the way you look at the world and the very way you think, but also allows you to see how others view the world. Today I received a response to my previous post, The Human Grotesque, from one of the artists I mention, Khalik Allah. With [...]

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