What I Have Been Reading

The first duty of the novelist is to entertain. It is a moral duty. People who read your books are sick, sad, traveling, in the hospital waiting room while someone is dying. Books are written by the alone for the alone. —           Donna Tartt I open my latest post with this quote from the [...]

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Wow, so my academic year has finally wound down...and it has been one helluva year! 1) I completed my degree and registered for my masters. 2) I was appointed as mentor lecturer at my university. By the way, and this is so weird: I have also taught at both the primary and secondary schools I [...]

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On Friday night/Saturday morning my dead cat, Champers, visited me in a dream. For those who have not kept up with my saga, Champers had to be put down by a vet as he was in the final stages of leukaemia. This on, of all days, 21st December, the Mayan end of the World!.  Champers [...]

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