Third Year 2012: BA of Visual Arts (1)

maquette for end of year exhibition

Interior Scroll Mannequin

Schneemann vs David Mannequin maquette for end-of-year exam exhibition.

exam maquette for end of year exhibition
maquette mannequin for exhibition

5 thoughts on “Third Year 2012: BA of Visual Arts (1)

    • This is an entertaining read. I was sminilg the whole time. As a matter-of-fact, as I check my wall this morning, the points you have raised actually is a reflection of my friends’ behavior. I haven’t really paid much attention, but come to think of it, it actually is funny.

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  2. I just discovered your blog (via an Aesthete’s Lament) and am toallty in awe of all your beautiful finds. I repeatedly found myself holding my breath as I looked through the archive. I think you bring something very special to the decor blogosphere: a look that draws from more cosmopolitan influences than most. I am so inspired – but also so torn. (I thought I knew what I liked.) Thank you so much for this food for thought.

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