Swansong – (noun) the last act or manifestation of someone or something.

Death seems to be about quite a bit at the moment: my mom passed on at the end of last year and 2016 had hardly begun when the great David Bowie,   Alan Rickman (he of Slytherin House and Nakatomi Plaza fame)   as well as The Eagles’ founding member, Glenn Frey, popped off. The [...]

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Nothing At All

On Tuesday (19/01/2016) my family and I said our final goodbyes to my dear mother. We had her cremated and I have had her ashes with me since (18/12/2015). This is because of course this all happened just before Christmas, and so there have been delays as a result. But on 19th she was interred [...]

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What I Did (part 2)

Last Thursday (10/12/2015) I had to do the singularly most difficult thing I have ever had to do. I had to bear witness to my Mother’s passing…her death. Tomorrow I face the next toughest thing…attending her funeral. These are the words I hope to say about her there.   Johnny Clegg wrote a song that [...]

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The Cats’ Familiar

  Catwoman: Meeeow! Back in the dark old days, witches were said to have familiars. These were animal companions, generally cats. During the bad old days of the Inquisition and the witch trials in Europe and America it was claimed that these familiars were given to witches by the Devil. They were said to be [...]

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Just recently one of my posts revolved around the Smith’s and their music, so it is sadly ironic that I find one of their songs stuck in my head, playing on an endless loop. It has been there since Monday (19th October) when I went to visit my mother in icu. It won’t surprise you then [...]

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On Being a Postgrad and Paying the Bills

OK, so what do you do once you have graduated from a university? You would think that having completed 3 to 4 years of studying at a tertiary institution, and suitably armed with a degree (in my case a honours level degree), you would head out into society and land that career you have always dreamed [...]

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