Six of Six

40RTY, my performance art piece happened on 29th October at 7.00 pm, and, as is common after these things, I have been laid to waste! It is Tuesday now, and almost 3 days have passed, yet I still feel all tired, achy and blue; like I have flu and a hangover simultaneously. Now I know [...]

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Three of Six

To deny: at the moment I am, by force of will, denying myself certain foods and drinks as way of purifying my body and constructing the state of mind I require in order to present a performance art piece on 29th October. The process I am going through brings to mind a quote by Andre [...]

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One of Six

In my previous post I spoke about one of my favourite movies of all time, Beetlejuice (1988). Another that I love is The Crow (1993). I mention this because I managed to get a copy of the movie on blu-ray recently and then watched it last weekend. This weekend I took the time to watch [...]

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Act Accordingly

I really enjoy this quote: “Being an artist is not just about what happens when you are in the studio,” Teresita Fernández said about being an artist, “the way you live, the people you choose to love and the way you love them, the way you vote … will also become the raw material for [...]

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Living Art

So in my previous post I shared some of the artwork I created for a fundraising auction for the rape victims support group called GRIP. Dealing with such a horrific theme set me thinking about this whole culture of rape and how it is possible for a person to do such a thing. It is just [...]

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GRIP: The Chicken Challenge 2016

Been busy, so busy, so me no write for long, so long! Been busy with my master’s dissertation, been busy with my lecturing responsibilities and been busy trying to keep the company where I work afloat in a really awful economic climate! So yes, been busy! In addition, and this is pretty cool, I was [...]

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