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  1. The comic strip is very useful to us, males, as it torwhs some light to the women’s side. Some nice guys’ try too hard and they can become a royal pain in the ass, but their fatal mistake is that they accepted the just friends’ term. I strongly believe that if a girl calls you a friend’, you don’t stand a bloody chance to go up to the next level with her Don’t forget that many ladies throw the friendship card as a cover for a gentle rejection, like he’s a nice guy and I don’t want to hurt his feelings’. This, of course, doesn’t mean that they are heartless bitches; they might like the guy as a person, but not as a lover. The real problem is with some really possessive, insecure guys, who wouldn’t take no as an answer’. As such, you’ve got a point there, ladies. My objection is against some selfish, manipulative women, who know very well how the nice (or nice’) guy feels, but they exploit them ruthlessly. You see, people and their behavior is not a black-and-white’ subject.

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